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Posted on: November 9, 2008 8:41 pm
Edited on: November 9, 2008 8:43 pm

My son, an American soldier.

I posted this on the College Basketball message board yesterday.  I thought I'd also post in on my blog so that my Husker buddies and my other connections can see it too:

Adam graduated from Infantry school yesterday.  My 72 year-old mother flew down from Nebraska and she rode with Renee and me to Ft. Benning in Georgia to see the ceremony.

I was so surprised at the change in him.  When my nephew graduated from basic in the Marines, he and most every other recruit there looked like a kid, but Adam really looked like a man.  I'm very proud.

He excelled in his training, was a team leader during boot camp and participated in a demonstration during the ceremony in which he was dressed in full battle gear and jumped out of a tank, guns a-blazing.

I bought him a steak dinner and took him to get a tattoo.  It was a good time.

I just can't believe my son is now a grown man, a disciplined fighting man who wants to become a Ranger, and who will proudly defend our country next year in either Iraq or Afghanistan.

Posted on: July 30, 2008 9:43 pm

My son, Adam, called me from boot camp...

I was just in the hangar, sweating as usual, and my cell phone rang.  At first, I didn't recognize the area code, but luckily, I was next to a good ol' boy from Georgia and he recognized it.

Turned out it was my son, calling from boot camp in Georgia for the first time.  He's doing well, better than I thought he'd be doing.  He got there Monday and has already been processed, drilled, screamed at, but he sounded really good.  He goes "down field" on Friday and things will be tougher then, but he'll have an address for me to write to.

I'm proud of him.  He's becoming a man and stepped up in very uncertain times.


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